Business Skills Reflective Exercise Essay

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Business skills reflective exercise

I have studyed business skills course for 6 months and got a great number knowledge from it. Therefore this report introduces the process that I have improved my person study ability and how I can manage my time and make plan effective.

It is a important ability for me to manage my time. Because effective time management not only promotes my efficiency of studying, but also lets me have enough time to experiences British life involved studying, cooking and social activities. For example, when I need to to something during a free period, I will do the important work in my most efficient productive time. Then, I may use my scraps of time to do easy things such watching movies and listening music, which can makes me feel relax. Moreover, I need to make a plan and effective perform it, which can reminds me do my works and reasonable allociate my time.

At the same time, I will make a complet plan in advandace when I want to study, which makes me study efficiently and finish work on time. And this way can help me focus do studying and avoid wasting time. Specificly, I got used to divide my time in some small periods. For example, if I have a free afternoon, I like to make a plan that is study accounting from 2 to 4 clock, then learn economics for two hours, after that watch a movies. The specific plan makes me efficient studying. Finally, I still think I have some weakness that needs to improve in the future such as communication,