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The smart phone industry has fairly friendly climate in north America spechialy in USA the recent survey which was poited by Nielsen he is couted as “the users of smart phones will overtake feuture phone users by 2011 (Nielsen 2010). The main challenge for RIM is to take develep market in countries like china, India and UAE, in these countries has raised concerns over the security feuture which black berry hs provide to its users, as its become hard for the government to moniter.(BBC 2010). Not only in these countries , but contriles like Saudi Arabia, Indonasia, Kuwait, and eygyt RIM has been scrutinised for the same reson which I mentioned above (Guardin 2010). Another major political concern is that in UK and EU have imposed very strick regulation for hygien and safety standads for all manufacureres which has directly impact on on RIM as it will face the pressure from usage of toxic continents, energy and recycling (Farrar.j 2009)

This factor play a key role in the industry of smart phones, the demand is high and totally depend on the income level of consumers but as the result of the economic downfall people are not willing to spend money unless they are not fully satisfied that the price is right for the product. The smart phone industry is growing at steady peace, developing countries like India, China, Latin America is a good platform for RIM (economic times 2009). The sales of blackberry are made through out the world so the exchange rates has also an impact on RIM the fluctuation in exchange rates can made blackberry a competitive or very expensive suddenly. This change can profound the company in price sensitive countries like India and China. As we know blackberry has stocks options in various countries and the change in echange rates has direct effect on an investment protfolio with all the overseas holdings (RIM 2009)

Social fector involes issues like education, lifestyle, income level, all these has a greater impact on the demand. Different society has difrent needs cluture aspects here is also one of the important and has consequence on seasonal sales spechilay in country like USA the sales of electronic equipment is very high in November and December because it’s a holiday season in USA( jaroslovsky.R 2010) other social culture effect is that the increasing blackberry is anti social elements which has a huge impact on brand image and the products of company. Because consumer market is very sensitive in religious countries, these countries visualise the products as integral part of anti social elements because of this reason the big business market can decline the use of this product as the regulation in these countries involes religon and they are quite strick about these regulation. As the result of this and the anti social elements will hamper the product perfomance.

Technology now a days is changing every day and over all it has a very huge impact on industry. If we talk particulary about RIM,s product, according to the needs of newly changing technology which is changing the demand of consumers fairly new and robust features in the products. As I mentioned before technology is changing day by day spechialy the 3G technology has also impact on RIM, the increasing completion in the market is also creating compition on the software offering of the products . As we know blackery smart phones as such highly adaptable, they put new technological fetures, they can be used with various advanced services like HSPA/UMTS( high-speed paket access/ universal mobile telecomunication system), GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA/ Ev-DO and iDEN (RIM 2009)

The envier mental fector in pestal has also a huge impact on the industry as every company has to be in balance with various environmental standards and RIM over coming after huge compition has ensured that the the standered of manufacturing are fairly eco friendly and even a small mistake can destroy the