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Task 1, A

Business Environment it is the place, at large where all the interactions of the economic activities takes place, happens. Business it is a varied term and the English word “Business” means “ to be busy “ to have an activity , but economically business means those activities and actions taken by a person, a group pf persons or a company with the objective to earn money ,to make a living ,to create abundance.(Alok Goyal,Mridula Goyal,2009-10)

The Environment of Business it is the main stream background where the entire economic activities takes place, also the Environment of Business is a complex mixture of factors that influence the actual business run my people daily.
Within the Business Environment we have different types of organisations, an organisation it is a group of people which is structured and managed to achieve the same goals in the economic area.(Alok Goyal,Mridula Goyal,2009-10)

We can have different types of organisations in the private sector in the UK, this are the main organisations:

The Sole trader has in the centre only one person which provides all the roles for the business. All the profits go to the sole trader as well as all the loses.
The partnership it is the business formed by two or a group of people, they are running the business together and they share the profits and loses. Partnerships are set up by writing a deed of partnership.
Private Limited Company are small businesses, we can find here many family business. The shares can only be sold after the agreement of the Board of Directors.
Public Limited Company it is a big business which cannot begin its activities unless has received at least 25% payment for the value of shares. They can sell their shares and as well the shares can be quoted on the Stock Exchange.
Franchises are the collaboration between two companies. One comes with the original Brand name and with all the marketing and the strategies and the second one takes all this qualities and proprieties and does the day-to-day work following the rules and regulations of the first company

My chosen organisation is Marks & Spencer

Marks&Spencer it is a British Public Limited Company and it was founded by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in 1884 at Kirkgate Market,Leeds.
They have a large chain of stores having 703 around the UK and 361 stores around 40 countries. They are selling clothing, home products, luxury food products ,they have as well insurances and finances and a Coffee Shop in almost all their stores.

Marks& Spencer has seen huge financial growth in the last 5 years with almost £665.2 millions turnover in 2012/2013 (Results&presentations, Press Released , issued 21.may.2013)[Online]Available from: http://www. 27-05-2013)

For my comparison I choose the area of Coffee Shop M&S and the comparing organisation is Starbucks Ltd.

M&S Coffee Shop it’s part of the British Marks&Spencer chain under the brand name” Hot Food on the Go “(HFTG) ,they are selling coffee and different beverages hot ones and cold ones, but they are having as well specialities of hot foods and different dishes which are correlated with the products from the Food Hall..On the other hand we have Starbucks which is an American corporate business founded in Seattle in 1971 with more than 21.000 stores all over the world having as the main mission the selling of coffee to the large public.

They have in common the selling of coffees but from another point of view this two companies are very different.The first one is a very well known British Multinational Marks&Spencer and the second one is a pure Amarican Brand ,Starbucks.They have in common only the mission ,the coffee sale and the drive for excellence but from here on the strategies and the goals are different .

Starbucks it’s an American brand but they want to achieve the success