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AIT 628

Before our best practices are set, it is imperative that we understand which decisions need to be made. Tracking is becoming a common practice globally in corporate organizations: as the metrics collected should enable entities make improvements as well as better decisions. Our two commonly tracked aspects are project performance and utilization of new technology. Project monitoring should also be standard across all boards: ensure that there is a balanced amount of staff monitoring and endeavor to utilize resources in sharing project information. Creating scheduled meetings that will enhance collaboration, as well as updates from project managers. At all times managers need to stay on top of key monitored areas, such as project time and budget, and other resources needed to take project from start to finish. Project reports should be run frequently to capture trends, standings, and monitor numbers of projects that are green, amber, or red. Dashboards should be available to almost every employee with a computer, with functions varying depending on role and level. Dashboards can be used to compare information trends. For example numbers of December 2013, against December 2012 or first quarter of 2014 against first quarter of 2013. Managers and supervisors will typically get the snapshot and summary view of activities.
Equipping staff is a key practices that has been proven to optimize performance in some cases. Organizations will provide training for staff, and