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Data Analysis Project

Since the global economic environment has been revolutionized throughout the years, consumer behavior is an interesting statistical topic to research upon. This leads us into asking the following question: why do consumers between the ages of 18 and 25 years old tend to choose one brand over another? In order to answer this question, this paper will concentrate on the cell phone industry. This project covers the consumer’s priorities regarding the expectations toward cell phone brands. The questions were used to analyze their behaviors and needs concerning their cell phone. This project also tries to identify any differences between the habits of Canadian students compared to international students. Furthermore, the participants are an accurate representation of the population. The management/business world often needs to be in contact with many people simultaneously, so for business people, their cell phone is an important object in their profession. As managers of a company, understanding this data and our analysis would help in the comprehensiveness of the market. Lastly, this project aims to conclude or reject our hypothesis made concerning the Desautels community. In order to collect the data, a survey has been sent to over 300 Desautels management students and more than 72 completed it. This sampling method is considered to be convenience sampling because those who completed the survey were chosen at random and did so on their own will. Also, the participants were the easiest to reach. The survey had 14 questions to identify the factors that companies should consider to increase their sales and to fulfill consumer’s priorities concerning price, quantity and design. Seeing that we used convenience sampling, our sample might not be as representative as we would have liked it to. For example, over 60% of our respondents were female, whereas gender division within the Destaulels is closer to 50/50*.
Furthermore, the age group of our respondents was mainly between 18­22, which may not faithfully represent the age group of Desautels students in general. Unfortunately, we did not have any graduate students who completed our survey because they weren’t part of our survey distribution. Two assumptions were made to efficiently calculate our results. Firstly, we assumed

*­admissions/choosing­your­program/desautels­faculty­ma nagement

our data is normally distributed because our sample size is larger than 30. Second, we used a 5% level of significance for all calculations throughout the project. Based on the 72 respondents, 44 were female (61%) and 28 were male (39%), while there were 38 Canadian respondents (53%) and 34 international respondents (47%). Overall, respondents were aged between 18 and 25 years old.
Emilie will take care of the histogram and skewness. Generally, we believe there will be a significant difference between Canadian and foreign students regarding several aspects of their cell phone usage; we think that Canadian students will use their cell phones more than international students, because it costs less to communicate within your own country than to another one . Consumer behaviour depending on the country of origin As you may travel, you may notice a difference in cultures depending on the country or even differences among cities you are visiting within a country. Obviously, every country has its own values, regulations, and cultures, which push the citizens to have different mentalities depending on where they