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Lesson 1 Case Study
Wesley Bryant Po
BUS 590: Business Strategy
Professor Ira Lovitch
November 2, 2014

CASE 1: Facebook vs. Twitter: The Coming Facebook-Twitter Collision The rivalry of the top four social media sites has always been the discussion of most social media analyst. It always has been the thought that Twitter in the future will replace Facebook as the top social media sites. This case discusses the competitive advantages of Twitter over Facebook that makes it an eventual threat. This case also discusses why Google is worried about Facebook and Twitter and how they are similar to each other.
Facebook’s real competition is Twitter and not MySpace or LinkedIn While all the social media sites offer to share information; the way they wanted to connect or share information is different. But unfortunately for Facebook, Twitter has an advantage over their rivals. And with the increasing number of users that are using Twitter, slowly but surely, Facebook will surely be knocked from the top position.
Similarities and differences between Facebook and Twitter Facebook and Twitter both offers to connect to other users over the network. They both can broadcast your status/ tweets, pictures and videos to your network. You can comment and share links. There’s also instant messaging in both sites. It is both have a personal and business use. You can use this social media to promote products and services to your clients. As for the difference, first Facebook initial purpose is to connect to people you know. You can add your family, friends, colleagues everybody you know and knows you as well. While Twitter on the other hand, has a public social graph, meaning everybody and anyone can follow you even if you don’t know the person. In Twitter, you can follow your friend with his/her knowledge first, and they follow you back, and you become mutual friends and can send messages. While in Facebook, you need to add your friend and you become mutual before you can see fully their profile or post on the wall. Facebook has a limited way of searching. You can only search for friends, pages or applications. While in Twitter, you can search anything, you can search conversations and tweets. You can publicly broadcast anything in Twitter. If you need to know information or help on something, broadcast it in Twitter and a stranger or some people you don’t know can help you out on certain things. In which you can start as strangers and then become friends. And I think it’s one of the niches of Twitter, it can be used as a marketing tool to reach the people.
Twitter’s reaction to the threat of Facebook Twitter is new to the market and there is a lot of things that they can still improve. Facebook currently is a threat of Twitter, but with the growth rate of twitter, they will be a future threat to Facebook.
Google worried about Facebook and Twitter Google’s traditional service is that people search on the internet and connects to the website for information, while collecting user data. While on Facebook and Twitter, people search people, people search for information within Facebook or Twitter. They even use Facebook or Twitter to communicate with other people all over the world. So with social media like Facebook and Twitter, people connect to other people, and they collect information/data. So Facebook and Twitter is doing what Google has been doing on a more personal basis. Google will only know where you want to go and link you to the site you want to go. But in Facebook/ Twitter is the place where people stay and