Business Strategy of Amazon Essay

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With the advent of the information technology, specifically the internet, it is said that more and more companies are existing in the online world. The changes in the business market also allows customers to change and become more dependent on online stores and online shopping than go and find something in shopping malls or retail store. One of the existing and considered as the largest and competitive online shopping in the world is Amazon. In this report, the goal is to analyse Amazon based on the case study provided. The analysis includes the discussion of Amazon’s s strategic intent, main resources and capabilities. In addition, this will also include analysis of the resources and capabilities that give
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T can be said that successful business organizations need vital leadership as the latter serves as a successful vehicle for the organization’s stability and growth within the global market. Based on the given case, Amazon has been able to use four views of leadership which include the transformation view, power, paradigm shift as well as social responsibility view (Proctor, 2000). However, the CEO of the company has focused on the area of transformation to meet the changing needs of the global market. Being a transformation leader that he is, the CEO of Amazon (Bezos) has been able to show a visionary value. The management of Amazon has been able to enhance not only the manager’s way of handling and managing their subordinates but most especially the fact that it enhances both the performance of the employee and the organisation as well which is very obvious in Amazon.

According to Kim and Weaver (2000), the administration and management of a particular business organization entails full utilization of the resources of the company in order to lead, direct, and control operations to meet the set objectives. Based on the given case study, it can be said that Amazon has been able to use strategic approach to sustain their competitive advantage. One of the capabilities Amazon is how the leaders of the company do their business.