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Business Structure I chose to use the functional structure for my business. I chose the business structure because I thought that it was the best one for my business because my business is only one division and not multiple divisions. In my business the CEO will be the one that makes the major decisions like who will be hired and if necessary who may be fired. The CEO will also be in charge of everyone who works in the business. There will only be one manager because there are not multiple divisions to be managed. The manager will be in charge of getting the bills together so that the CEO can pay the bills. The manager will also be in charge of submitting insurance claims to the insurance companies. The manager will also be in charge of sending out bills to the clients. The secretary will be in charge of answering the phones at the front desk. The secretary will also collect copays from clients at the time of their visits. He or she will also be responsible for calling clients and reminding them of their appointments, and they will also be the ones that set up their next appointments. The employees are the social workers. It is their job to make sure that try the best they can to help the clients. The clients are there for a reason. They have to make sure that the clients trust them and the social workers have to make sure they make the clients comfortable. They may have to help clients cope with everyday experiences. Some of those experiences may be a divorce from their spouse or even getting laid off from their job. Even though the social workers cannot prescribe medication to some clients that may need it, they can give the clients a recommendation to another doctor that can prescribe the client medication that will help them get better. In this business we will