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Section 1- Know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer

1. In a contract of employment there are many things included that you will need to know about the job your about to start, some examples of these would be;

The employers name and address such as;
Pets At Home LTD, Church Street , Longview Kent

Job Title for example;
Sales Assistant

Hours of work
40 Hours per week

Salary- how much you are going to earn P/h

There are many other information that will also be in your contract of employment such as duties and responsibilities, holiday entitlement, pensions and sick leave.

2a. Three key points that affect employers in a business environment would be;
Health & Safety
Data Protection
Pensions & Pay

2b. Three key points that affect employees in a business environment would be;
Employment rights and responsibilities

3. Employment rights and responsibilities information can be found within an organisation ( internal) or outside the organisation (external) below are some examples of both;

Internal Sources of Information
Line Managers
Informed colleagues

External Sources of Information
Citizens Advice Bureau

4. Representative bodies are a union inside your workplace that can support you in any problems you may have. They can forward employee complaints and take them to the appropriate bodies, listen to your ideas and opinions, help you out if you have any queries with your pay or holiday entitlement.

5. Employers and employees are responsible for equality and diversity in a business environment, below I will give examples of both there responsibilities.

Employers Responsibilities
Train staff on equality and diversity topics
Ensure they know all the polices and procedures
Ensure that the line managers treat equality and diversity fairly

Employees Responsibilities
Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
Be polite and patient with people
Be willing to learn about people that our different from ourselves

6. It is important that equality and diversity procedures are followed out in a business environment as everyone should be treated equally despite the differences between people they may work with. Below are some examples of what equality and diversity can bring to an employee, employer and the organisation.

The benefits of equality and diversity for employees mean they have fair access to jobs, training and promotions, have more choice about how they can contribute to the organisation and have the opportunity to maximise they potential.

The benefits of equality and diversity for an employer it will reduce the amount of bullying and harassment, there will me a mix of many different people that can all bring different skills.

The benefits of equality and diversity for the organisation it will help to increase motivation of the workforce which means work will be done to a good standard, it also brings many different cultures and backgrounds of people together.

Section 2 - Understand the purpose of health and safety and security procedures in a business environment

1. Both employers and employees have to be responsible for healthy and safety responsibilities in a workplace. In my workplace we have some healthy and safety responsibilities which include;
Work patterns must be monitored to ensure we all get the correct amount of breaks
Have to follow the correct lifting instructions when we lift heavy items
To take short breaks when using computer equipment

2. The purpose of following healthy and safety procedures in a workplace is to