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Anisa Bailey\
Task 1 introduction to Alton Towers

Earls of Shrewsbury occupied the castle from 1412 when the Lady Ankarat de Verdun married Sir John Talbot – the title remained in the same family until the 1920’s. The Shrewsbury family remained in residence until 1923, after a sometimes turbulent 700 year history. Since then the development of both the parkland and grounds has been astonishing, housing as it does the UK’s number one paid for tourist attraction. Alton towers function has changed over time, like when they take down rides to replace them with new attractions. E.g. took away the cork screw ride to replace new rides like the smiler.
At the moment Merlin Entertainment own Alton towers. They own many other things like Thorpe Park, Gardaland, Chessington World of Adventures, Herde Parks and more.
The rides at Alton Towers are:Air, Nemesis, Oblivion (famous 90% drop), Rita(Famous for being one of the fastest rollercoasters), Runaway Mine Train, Sonic Spinball, The Smiler and Thirteen
Watch Ice Age in a 4-D experience
Sharkbait Reef:Go on a ship ride in Mutiny Bay attraction with water guns
Extraordinary Golf: Attraction located at the Splash Landings Hotel
Skyride:Allows visiters to get a good view at the Towers and the Gardens
The Gardens: A walk through a giant garden which is allows people to get away from noisy rides.
The Towers: Learn about the history behind Alton Towers.

Alton Towers is reviewed