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Business success

IMO Car Wash
Innovative solutions
James Dyson is well known for identifying opportunities that have a technical explanation. In 1974 James Dyson announced the "ballbarrow". This ballbarrow was a variation of a wheelbarrow but rather than using the conventional wheel, Dyson adopted a spherical wheel. Dyson stated that the new ballbarrow caused customers less back discomfort.
IMO Car Wash is the largest car washing service in the world. They have 930 different sites in 13 countries. They use high quality state of the art technology IMO can wash are so skilled in car washing they can wash a car in under 2 minutes and wash up to 4 cars at a time. They wash over 30 million cars in 13 countries they are careful to make sure every car is given a manual high pressure pre wash and wheel clean which clears away all the surface dirt allowing the chemicals to work effectively. IMO offer a variety of different car washing services, which include:
• Hand Pre-wash
• 8 Brush soft wash
• Dry
• Wash Protection
• Under car wash
• Triple colour
Each business cares for their customers and analysis their reviews in order to find out how to improve their products. For example Apple have a large variety of twitter followers in which they quiz on their products by using a specific hashtag.
Apple release a new variation of the iPhone and iPad every year. Dyson release new update their service at least 3 times a year to accommodate the season and weather changes. Products every year and IMO.
Each business possesses entrepreneurial qualities they are not afraid to fail and most importantly to take risks. James Dyson is hardworking and innovative and Steve Jobs was determined and focus to find new ways to improve his products. Social media plays such a big role worldwide that these business have found it advantageous and rewarding to their business to advertise online and on TV. This improves their sales as they can reach more people through social media.
Apple stand to pioneer the business side of life, Whilst Dyson aims to relieve their customers from back pain or any sort of pain whilst doing their daily cleaning. IMO Car washes aim to produce state of the art car washing service to anyone who needs it they want to make your car look as good as it can.
What these businesses have that others do not is the knowledge and personal understanding of their target audience they are able