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Executive Summary
XYZ MEDISPA Pty Ltd is an upscale Medispa, providing high quality medical grade and spa treatments. XYZ MEDISPA Pty Ltd has been an established and successful Medispa since 2003, now under new management strategies are being implemented to take the business to the next level. This business plan has been developed in order to clearly define the operational, marketing and resources strategies required to grow the business and to be used as a tool to track the progress of objectives set in order to acquire this growth.

Business Background
XYZ MEDISPA Pty Ltd remains under ownership of John and Joanna Johnson who established the business in 2003. John and Joanna are often away overseas and have little to do with management decisions. The owners have now promoted a long standing loyal employee of the business to the position of Medispa Manager to ensure the smooth running and success of the business with little of their own input. The Medispa Manager has a strong understanding of operational requirements of the business, is respected and trusted by staff and clients and has a keen desire to continue and execute the vision of the business to be the industry leader of beauty and medical grade treatments. The Medispa Manager has full control of day to day management and decision making.
XYZ MEDISPA Pty Ltd mission is to be dedicated to providing effective treatment solutions to enhance the appearance of each client on an individual basis. Our team of professional, talented and continuously educated staff ensures our clients goals are achieved in a safe and comfortable environment. We will follow our mission by staying true to our values of being well educated in our field, client focused, respectful and honest.

Products and Services
XYZ MEDISPA Pty Ltd offers massage treatments, body treatments and facials provided by one fulltime and two part time qualified and experienced Spa Therapists. Dermal therapies such as IPL, microdermabrasion and skin resurfacing by one full time and one part time qualified and experienced Dermal Therapists. Cosmetic medicine including wrinkle relaxers dermal fillers and sclerotherapy are performed by a reputable Cosmetic Physician working on a casual basis.
High end cosmeceutical and mineral makeup retail products are sold at 100% mark up. Our fulltime Receptionist has extensive knowledge of the product ranges and proves valuable in upselling the retail and treatment packages.
XYZ MEDISPA Pty Ltd provides these services and products to both men and women of all ages, with a core target market of professional working women aged 35 and over.

SWOT Analysis
• Qualified and experienced staff
• Dedicated staff
• Strong client following (large customer database)
• Excellent reputation within community and industry
• Variety of services available
• Great location
• No current formal management system
• Business owners often overseas
• Inconsistent Cosmetic Physician hours
• All female staff (possibility of losing staff to pregnancy)
• Strong local economy
• Location – capitalize on nearby business and traffic
• Rapidly growing and evolving market