Essay about Business: Team and Team Leader

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Describe different types of team and the benefits of teams for an organisation.
1. Describe the different types of teams you can have.
There are 4 different types of team these are formal team, informal team, temporary team and permanent team.
Formal teams are created for particular reasons and they have been set up to create a task or complete a particular purpose. To create a formal team you will need a team leader or a manager so they can give out tasks to the team so they know what to do. Formal teams will have clear rules and each team leader will always have a different role. Everyone one in the team can use their own skills so they can do their best. To make a formal team everyone has to be involved with the work.
Informal teams come together to achieve a specific purpose as well. Informal team is similar to formal team but for informal team they won’t need a team leader or manager setting out a task for the each member of the team.
Temporary teams come together to complete a task together and when the task is completed teams separate.
Members of the permanent team see each other all the time because they all ways work together. So they will know which skill the each member of the team have so they can work faster also they can work more professional.
2. Describe the ‘ideal’ team size with reasons.
The optimum team size is 5-7 team members because is not too many people in the group so they can listen to each other and come up with new ideas also there will be a chance of everyone speaking in the team. The odd numbers are all ways good to make up a team because this will stop the deadlock happening small enough to involve everyone.

3. Describe the benefits of being in a team (minimum of 3) and why team