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Animals -
Marwell zoo has a variety of strengths; these include the animals, café graze, and ark gift shop and so on. First of all the animals are a huge strength, this is because there is a wide variety of animals at the zoo, the animals include flamingo, wallaby, owl, zebra, lemur, meerkat, leopard, hippo etc. Because Marwell have such a wide range of animals the public are more likely to choose to go there to see different animals that they have never seen before.
Location –
Another strength would be Marwell’s location, I can see this because Marwell is based in Winchester there isn’t much competition within that area. This can be an advantage because the tourists/students that travel to places such as Winchester will want something to do and if they want to see animals then Marwell is the nearest and most suitable place to go. As well as that because the nearest competition to Marwell is Bristol, the community of Winchester are more likely to visit and support Marwell because it’s within distance of their homes.
Café Graze-
The café graze is a huge strength to Marwell; I can see this because people will bring money rather then packed lunch, especially if they come in large groups. For example tourists will bring money to Marwell rather then a packed lunch because they don’t have homes nearby to prepare packed lunches, as well as that the graze café also sells drinks, ice-creams and ice lollies. This is one of Marwell’s strengths, especially in the summer. For example families will bring money for the children to buy ice cream and relax in the seating areas, as well as this in the summer the café is extremely profitable as it will be hot and the customers will buy drinks from the café as they will be more dehydrated.
Ark gift shop -
The ark gift shop is one of Marwell’s main strengths, the gift shop is located at the exit of the zoo, this is an advantage to Marwell because when the customers exit the zoo they will see the store and want to go in. As well as that the products within the shop are animal related for example the cuddly toys are based on the animals that are in the zoo. Also most of the products that are sold at the Ark gift shop have the Marwell logo on them, this is important because it increases brand and value awareness. An example of a customer group that would purchase products from the Ark gift shop