Business: Website and Attractive Close Ups Essay

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Reflective Journal 3
English 215

There are many web sites out there that is designated for many things one of my favorite sites are I first heard about this site from a friend. My brother actually uses this site all of his to send his wife and daughters flowers in extremely short notices. The layout of this site is very appealing, with the discounts and interface that is easy to navigate. The target market is for males and females, but men who wait to the last minute to send flowers they offer one day or the same day delivery service. This format display many quality items and show many attractive close ups of the products, also it highlights the realistic quality of these stems, and vases. In my opinion I think that this website uses all three elements of logos, ethos, and pathos to sell its products. The photography that is used to stage the arrangement of the flowers appeal to its audience, and make the product desirable to buy. I think that this kind of act falls in the logos category, because of the logical reasoning behind the staging process. This website displays different food such as chocolate covered strawberries, teddy bears, and assortment of candies. I believe that this is to attract the buyer to be sentimental to the receiver of the item and to send out a powerful messages like the words I love you. I think that this would fall in the pathos category, because it allows the user to get more involved with