Essay on Businesses Processes Are the Most Important at Summit Electric Supply?

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1. Which businesses processes are the most important at Summit Electric Supply? Why?
There are several business processes that were used by the Summit Electric Supply company. Among them the important ones are:
1) ERP software from SAP-> Scalability and investors visibility was the two factors most important to the company and both these factors were very well tackled by the ERP software.SAP functionality in sales and distribution, materials management and financials greatly benefited the company to boost its distribution capacity.
2) SAP’s NetWeaver BW – For Business Intelligence reporting and analysis this process was used. This helped the company to evaluate the profitability of its sales channels,using what-if solutions.
3) The
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Large customers that have long-term job sites are benefitting from the new system as well. The company built temporary warehouses on-site to supply the customers with its electrical products. They create what they call parent-child warehouse relationship to be able to work with the customers. That means that if a Summit’s office has more than a few temporary on-site warehouses than the warehouse can be controlled like subparts of the main Summits warehouse. With this system, it helps to prevent anybody from selling the consigned inventory into the warehouse.

5. Diagram Summit’s old and new process for handling chargebacks.
The old process for handling chargebacks had so many flaws in it due to which the company was losing on revenue opportunities and sometime barely making any profit. Processing chargeback in the old system was very much manual.
You have to compare the sales to contract. This means that a distributor can have up to hundreds maybe thousands of contracts. They have to identify the chargeback and which manufacturer with enough documentation of the contract. They would have to go through the customers invoices for detailed manufacturers to identify which chargeback they could have claimed. Then after identifying they would have to put the chargeback details in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
The new process for handling chargebacks was more efficient. It automatically review Summit’s billing activity for the