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Reflection- Part 2

It had never occurred to me that the perceptions of belonging could be even more diversified. With the use of given related texts, my knowledge and understanding on aspects of belonging have expanded. Belonging is a part of human nature where an individual will belong to a particular group whether they accept it or not. From my understanding an individual may belong but not accept their belonging to the group and may choose to belong somewhere else or in some cases have no choice but to belong and adopt the sense of belonging to the place or community.

A related text I have studied,” A place to call home” refers to this situation where Sobonfu Somé has parted from her home and community, who struggles to essentially belong to her new community therefore having to adopt a new life and rebuild the sense of belonging again, but there were barriers.
Here I learnt that there were barriers in society that prevents an individual to find the sense of belonging. Language was a major barrier for Somé where “ I have no point of reference. Even language failed me. I could not scream and explain why I was screaming, ” really reinforces that this barriers has blocked her from communicating and developing a connection to new people.

Furthermore, to have a sense of belonging, the individual must have a sense of belonging to self. Knowing their identities, understanding and accepting themselves is a major step towards the sense of belonging because once a person is able to accept themselves they will know where they want to belong. Unable to discover their own identities will not only create difficulties to find the sense of belonging but also lower their confidence and self-esteem.

My visual represents this, where the character tries to reach out for the place he feels a sense of belonging the most however, he is hesitant and doesn’t quite know where he should belong and his true identities. Having mixed feelings about his two different