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1. How can organizations become more open to feedback? What kinds of employee training would help? What would you tell your employees about feedback importance if you were the boss?
An organization is composed of people with varying attitudes and behavior. These variations in behavior and attitudes are the factors that make them either open to feedback or not. An organization has to understand that its success is dependent upon how they are viewed by the customers and clients. The comments and suggestions which are feedback in themselves are the ones that will make them improve their performance in terms of quality, prices and most of all customer service relationships. Feedback can come either from within and from without. From within means from the employees and from without means from the clients themselves. Organizations can be open to feedback especially the executives from employees. An open forum where the employees are able to speak their minds will help. People should be encouraged to offer their opinions on matter under discussion or issue under scrutiny. Meetings where employees can air their positions and grievances without fear of retaliation are of help. The feedback given by the employee will enlighten the executives on the issue on hand. This may result to either pushing through with the issue or its cancellation if it shows that the employees’ feedback show that the issue is something not too acceptable to them. Some feedback from employees can possibly come up with innovative ideas and solutions to the problems on hand.
Now there are feedbacks from the clients which are the parties outside of the organization. These are the clients or customers who are the end users and of course the most important element of the organization. Without the clients, there would never be business. Feedbacks from them are very crucial because these will serve as the guiding points on what and how to improve for the success of the business. Employees should be trained on how to handle feedback. First, the employees should be able to understand why feedback is important. The employees are supervised by a more experienced leader. This leader is always assumed that as far as knowledge and experience is concerned he could have more than the rest in the team. He is often called the “boss”. The boss should know his individual employee as far as work is concerned. Individuals differ from one another. There are some who can grasp work and do assigned tasks with less supervision. There are some who need more time to get trained and even while performing the job need some more training in the interim. The role of the boss is to synchronize all the members’ actions in order to attain the objectives. If the employees are not in sync with each other, there will be less productivity on their part. If employees are not so much productive, that they are not performing as expected, they should be trained more. The problem now is how to tell the particular employee or how to shoot to him the feedback. Feedback may be taken positively or negatively. The boss should make it clear to the employee that the feedback as well as comments and suggestions are for his good. The employee should feel that he is a part of the team and he is important. This is the reason why feedback should be welcomed. The employee who performs well is an asset to the company. An employee who performs well is praised and rewarded. A happy employee is a productive employee. The boss should be able to let the employee understand that feedback is needed for improvement of the individual himself and the organization as a whole. With this understanding, the employee will understand that feedback is an instrument to improve ones performance in all aspects. Feedback is a form of motivation and stimulus to react positively. What is important is that feedback should