BUSN258 Week 5 Assignment Essay

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Week 5 assignments
BUSN 258
Customer Relations

1. How can organizations become more open to feedback? What kinds of employee training would help? What would you tell your employees about feedback importance if you were the boss?
People will tell more of their friends and family about a bad experience than a good one. An organization must understand that its success is dependent upon how they are viewed by the customers and clients. Reviewing the suggestions box is an easy way to make them improve their performance in terms of quality, prices and most of all customer service relationships. Feedback can come either from internal or external sources. Internal are the employees and external are consumers. Organizations must treat the employee feedback as importantly as the customers by implementing open forums where the employees are able to speak their minds and help. Meetings where employees can air their positions and grievances without fear of retaliation are of help. The feedback given by the employee will enlighten the executives on the issue on hand resulting in actions being taken towards an issue of interest. Many times the best changes come from wthin.
Moving on to external feedback, the consumers, the reason for business in the first place, if we cant satisfy them then there is no point continuing to work. Feedback from them is crucial because these will serve as the guiding points on what and how to improve for the success of the business. However one must make sure they don’t merge off their original track when adapting to customers needs and responding to feedback. Employees should be trained on how to handle feedback, as they are the ones connected to the customers. First, the employees should be able to understand why feedback is important and not take it for granted and be put off by it. They must understand that there is a chain reaction with businesses, an unhappy customer provides employee with negative feedback, this feedback is then reported to the management and worked on to prevent it from happening again. Later it is then implemented and the customer is satisfied and the employee no longer receives negative feedback. The employee who performs well is an asset to the company and is praised and rewarded. A happy employee is a productive employee. The boss should be able to let the employee understand that feedback is needed for improvement of the individual himself and the organization as a whole. With this understanding, the employee will understand that feedback is an instrument to improve ones performance in all aspects. Feedback is a form of motivation and stimulus to react positively. What is important is that feedback should be taken seriously and positively.

2. What are the three important steps needed to recover the potentially lost customer?
A satisfied customer will tell maybe 5 others of his great experience. A dissatisfied customer will tell probably tell 13 others…