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What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
We used several numerous technological programmes and websites during the process of completing and evaluating our thriller.
In our lessons we were taught how to use a tripod. So that we were able to use and know different angles and shots which would improve our thriller. We used different types of shots such as pan shot, close up shot, Long shot and medium shot. Then after lots of attempts of using the tripod we got familiar with it and were able to do shots like using a tilt shot to improve our thriller.

Digital Camera
The digital camera was used to film all of our thriller footage. It was also used for interviews, focus groups and preliminary task. At first I was didn’t know how to record and zoom but after we had a lot of practice with it we got used to it. We also learned how to upload everything we filmed on the computers. We also learnt to do different zoom shots whether they are slow and fast.

Apple Mac Computer
The apple computer was quite difficult to use it at first because I am used to be using a simple laptop, so it took time to get used to it because there were different buttons to press when you want to print screen to put in my blog. Also the mouse was annoying because it wasn’t used to a normal mouse because there wasn’t a right click on it. But the apple computers are much faster and have lots of application on to improve our thriller.

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created by Pyre Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Everyone made their blog so that we could show are understanding of any work, movies, directors, conventions of thriller, the blogs can be visited anyone around the world and see if they have an interest in media or thrillers.

Survey Monkey
On survey monkey I created a survey to find out about more information on thrillers and who a suitable target audience for my thriller. Survey monkey was easy to use because all you needed to do was to type in a question. And it was also easy it to get people to answer my survey.

You tube
You tube was useful because we were uploading our different footage of the preliminary task, indent and thriller. By using you tube it means that people could the videos and comment and also subscribe to our profile and give their feedback and opinions what could be improved.

Live type
Live Type was used to put animate texts together. It was also used to make a title indent to make it look fancy and so it could stand out.

Final Cut Express
This was used to place together all of our footage and we used it for all of our editing. It was simple to use. It helped me to learn how to edit my thriller to check over any mistakes than have been done. Also it has features like cropping, deleting things and also voice recorder.

Skills I have gained
I have gained a lot of skills while editing and posting work on my blog while doing my thriller, I learnt how to use the I mac computer effectively. The best progress that I have made has got to Be Live type now I can be able to make any type of title if I want to make animated or just make it stand out without moving letters. I also learnt that I must always check the microphone before starting any filming because I had past experience of filming but the microphone was not on and then we realised at the end which wasted a lot of time and was a pain.

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