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Business Unit 4 Communication

Chosen Business: Tesco
The business I have chosen is Tesco; Tesco is a multinational British plc. (Public Limited Company), it is the second largest retailer around the globe and was measured by their net profit, they retail in 14 different countries including UK, USA, Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries across Asia and Europe.

P1: Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes?
Types of Information
Verbal Communication: verbal communication is when 2 or more people involve in a conversation face to face is one type of verbal communication, another type of communication is when 2 people talk on the phone, an example of verbal communication is when the manager has an issue with an employee he would resolve this issue by talking with his/her employee. Or another example would be when an employee is sick he/she would ring in to his/her work place and call in sick.
Written Communication: Written communication is when someone writes a letter or memo to someone else, emails can also be seen as a type of written communication, an example of written communication is when a customer is unhappy with his/her service or unhappy with a product, they would either email the manager or they would write a letter to the manager, another example of written communication is when a manager writes to head office via email or letter concerning that Tesco retailer. Also another example of written communication being used in Tesco is if a manager wanted to put something to the attention of his subordinate he/she might use a memo.
Multimedia: Multimedia is multiple forms of media combined into one, this can be used when Tesco’s is doing on the job training for new or current employees, they would use a presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint, that is a type of multimedia, multimedia can be a text, video, picture, animation and data, if they use 2 or more of those types of media that is multimedia.
Web Based Communication: There are many different forms of web based