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Business Ethics
Elijah Ogle
“How do you deal with an unethical, productive employee”
-The Huffington Post-

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This article speaks of how one should handle an unethical employee. It explains, in detail, of how an employee may be unethical, however profitable to your business, but in order to have a successful business you need to have a good set of business ethics. It then gives some knowledgeable information on how you could handle these types of situations. It also states how an organization should promote a good culture of ethics starting with top management. I believe that unethical behavior in a business can be cancerous, and is unacceptable. However I do agree with the article in saying if you catch unethical behavior it is best if you are able to fix this behavior. I also agree with putting certain programs in place to try and prevent these situations. Also that ethical behavior should be set as an example by top management. I am also in agreement with the steps taken in the article to try and reduce deceptive behavior. I believe respect in the organization is very important. When an employee feels that they are respected it will boost their self respect, therefor causing them to promote better business ethics. It is very important in any business to remember not to take firing a productive employee with the intentions of finding someone else lightly. It costs a business on the bottom line any time you have to do this. Also if an organization is…