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Reflection on my experience in the Organisational Behaviour team over the semester with particular attention to the way that Communication interacts with Conflict. Reflection is the process of stepping back from an experience, to ponder carefully, it’s meaning to the self through the development of inferences (Organisational behaviour handbook, 2009). After completing group work for 10 weeks, there were many problems that occurred within my group that had an effect on the report set. This essay will focus on communication and conflict in particular and on how experiences were reflected on effectively and learnt from.

Being a social person I have always enjoyed meeting new people and learning things about them however group working has always been a problem for me as I always go into it with the mentality of ‘I don’t want to do this, I can achieve the same result or better by myself’. Entering my Organisational Behaviour group however was different. From taking the Interpersonal skills module last year I had highlighted my need to improve on group work skills and believe I had successfully managed to do so. I entered my group with a smiling face and a new attitude towards forming a successful team. As a group we decided to have weekly meetings to discuss problems, what was going well and review our work. During these, I found that our ideas bounced off of each other easily and we were able to work well; however sometimes I felt I wasn’t confident enough to air all of my