But Do You Know The Superiority Of Small Granite Crusher

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Granite crusher by transmission, frame, eccentric sleeve, crushing cone, the frame body, beams and the original move, oil cylinder, hydraulic, block, electric and dry, thin oil lubrication and other parts. Small Granite crusher motor pulley and taper gear drives the eccentric sleeve turns, by breaking symons cone crusher center do rotary pendulum motion. So that the crushing cone surface and sometimes close, sometimes leave fixed cone surface, is for the broken materials, constantly received extrusion and bending were broken. Be broken material by gravity from the bottom of the crushing cavity. BUt do you know the Superiority of Small Granite Crusher?

Granite crusher and mushroom cone crusher is a type of cone crusher. Small Granite crusher is the primary crusher, compared with jaw crusher, its advantage is crushing process is along the circular crushing cavity continuously, thus productivity is higher, low power consumption. Work smoothly. Granite jaw crusher is Suitable for broken flake material. From the finished product size distribution curve is visible. The grain size of the finished product, over discharging mouth width of the material particle size is smaller than the jaw crusher, less quantity, granularity was homogeneous.In addition, the raw material can be directly from transport into the feed port, do not need to set the feeder.

The shortcoming of mini Granite crusher is: complex structure. The price is higher; It can be hard to maintenance, repairs;