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Donald Duan
June 12, 2014
True Love This short poem is wrote by an ordinary American woman, Merrill Glass. This poem is very easy to read and understand it. Merrill Glass’s husband was drafted into the army and went to the battlefield of Vietnam when their daughter was four years old, then she and her daughter only had each other. Later, her husband unfortunately died on the battlefield. She was widowed, until she died of old age. When her daughter was organizing her remains, she discovered this poem her mother had written to her father and the titled is “But You Didn’t”. It’s a narrative poem, which talking about some wonderful memory about she and her husband to show other people how they love each other and how to do it. At the first five stanza, each stanza is talking about a small and nice memory. She borrowed his new car and dented it, she didn’t listen to him, and she flirted other guys, spilled strawberry pie over his can rug and forgot to tell him to wear formal clothes before the dance party. These troubles always happened in our life, but different person will have different result. In the poem, she thought his husband will kill her, scold her, leave her, hit her and drop her, but his husband only did one thing - “nothing”. His husband forgive, understand and cherish her. The reason is love, love can change lots of things. In the life, many people think when you love a girl, you need to always text her, and to remember some words you said and always remember some memorial days. But those thing were not important of a man’s love. A man’s love should be deeper. This love is hard to its expression, it always hide in the heart. Her husband was care for her, so he forgive her whatever she did bad things. He gave her so many wonderful memories. At last three stanza, she wrote about there were many things they didn’t do. She wants to make up him. She knew her husband loved and protected her. She understand her husband’s deep love, so she wants to spent her life to wait for him until he return from Vietnam. It