Butler Assessment 2 Counselling Interview skills doc Essay

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ACAP Student ID: 226155

Name: Louise Butler

Course: Diploma of Counselling


Unit/Module: Counselling Interview Skills

Educator: Leanne Chapman

Assessment Name: Assessment 2, Part B

Assessment Number: 2

Term & Year: Term 3, 2014

Word Count: 1200-1500


I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own personal research/study . I also declare that this assessment, nor parts of it, has not been previously submitted for any other unit/module or course, and that I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of another student and/or persons. I have read the ACAP Student Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and understand its
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I would explain to Tim how the client centred approach to counselling works, so that Tim can decide if this type of counselling approach would be something he feels comfortable pursuing.

6. Briefly describe how you would recognise and refer potentially serious issues for Tim in line with organisation requirements. I would be able to recognise and refer serious issues for Tim by familiarising myself with my organisations protocols, their referral procedures and referral lists. The type of organisation I worked for, and the type of counselling that is offered, would be a factor when deciding if Tim should be referred on to another organisation or professional. Things to consider would be Tim’s age, gender, the nature/and or seriousness of Tim’s issues. If Tim did intend to take his own life and still has suicidal thoughts he would need to be referred to a mental health facility or possibly referred back to the hospital that was treating Tim three months ago. If Tim was to be referred on, I would organise this as early as possible, so as not to make it harder on Tim to transfer to someone else.

7. Briefly describe the skills you would use with Tim to help clarify his problems and develop a counselling relationship. When meeting Tim for the first time, I would introduce myself, I would be open, friendly and informal. I would be trying to put Tim at ease so that he feels welcome and safe. I would have noticed that Tim has