Essay about Butterflies: Firefighting and Public Safety

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I keep an envelope of all the butterflies I got the first time you smile in my direction
And every time I look inside another one dies
Right before my eyes, An Envelope full of butterflies
Started at 10 then dropped to nine, eight, seven, six, five
And now I sit alone with nothing to remember you by
Except an envelope full of butterflies
But I’m scared to open it up and look inside
Because every time I do another one dies and with it a memory that drove my heart wild
I feel that if I don’t look inside I’ll miss you so much that I might die
So I open it again…4
Now I’m down another a memory gone and forever forgotten.
But I miss you more and more every time I try to remember
The dates and first kiss is what I can’t afford to miss
But I open it again…3, 2, 1
One memory left the first time we met an envelope full of butterflies with almost nothing left
One more chance to erase the fights and the pain from my heart that does not make it right
She’s gone can’t remember her name I just got an envelope full of butterflies that were part of her game

Public Safety (tech I Fire Fighting)

In Tech I for Public Safety you would study firefighting. In Class you do a lot of hands on work getting some certifications along the way such as CPR, HAZMAT, and Hunter Safety along with your Firefighting I and II Certification. With your Firefighting I and II you are considered a Fire Fighter and can go sign up at any station. In Public Safety you will practice putting on your Personals Protection Equipment (PPE) on in under 2 minutes. Your PPE includes Helmet, Hood, Jacket, Gloves, Mask, Pants, Boots and PASS Alarm (personal accountability safety system) and SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). You will be spending more time outside then you will be inside. We have a Fire truck in the class room with everything you will see on a truck at any other station. Even If you don’t want to get your firefighter I and II you can get your certificate of completion and still be a call fire fighter at some departments. The instructor Officer Roubo is Friendly but not your friend and is very serious about safety. He will joke around in the class room but will not tolerate it during PT or Physical Training. You will have to change up for the class because you will get sweaty but it is well worth it. All in all Public safety is the most rewarding.

2nd Grade my first day, I walk up to the bus stop not wanting to stay But then as I come closer I see your face, and want to be greeted in your embrace.
You are the