Essay on Butterflies: Thought and Mr. Jane Doe

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Teona Coffee Mrs Murphy English 131 30th January 2014
It was a cold winter morning. Little snow droplets were falling and the wind was picking up speed. My friends and I all gathered the small tables together and made it as one massive table, couples sat with couples and friends with friends, the only awkward feeling about that day was we both sat right by each other and did not speak unless it was a group discussion. Although it had been a very early and long drive getting to Springfield, Illinois I still did not say much, until I got those hot steaming buttery pancakes, fried potatoes hash browns, soft scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage with apple juice on the side. After that, it was still time for Mr. Jane Doe and I to talk but it was just too nerve wrecking and uncomfortable to say, “Hi” or even ask what his name was. This young man I was sitting next to was just my type: tall, nice and handsome, and just comfortable with being himself unlike me. However on the inside I was screaming, dancing, happy, giggly and floating in space. I even thought to myself saying “this has to be a dream… somebody pinch me because he is just too good looking and nice to resist. I was experiencing those girly hormonal feelings. As for the outside of me, I was just trying to play it cool, being humble. I was trying to act nice and polite, but the crazy funny side would not show because I was just too bashful. Coffee 2 Next, the day was ending and the night was soon to come so around six o’clock, I began to email him and only got the second question out of the many I didn’t get around to and he didn’t reply so I began to cry and over think things that really didn’t even begin to be the beginning of a real relationship. When I was thinking I thought to myself and I began