Buy Nothing Day Research Paper

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In Canada in 1992, the first Buy Nothing Day was organized, and ever since then, this has become an annual event in several countries. A Buy Nothing Day is a day in which people are encouraged to go twenty-four hours without purchasing store-bought items in order to increase awareness of excessive consumerism. Even though it could harm the economy, every nation should establish a Buy Nothing Day because people would be more aware of how much money they can spend in a day, how it is certainly possible to survive one day without spending money, and it would increase national gratitude. Most people are no longer aware of the value of a dollar, and as a result, they easily lose track of how much money they are spending per day. Suddenly after thirty minutes in the grocery store with a full shopping cart, a few boxes of donuts will not make a difference; after all, the shopper has already spent hundreds of dollars, so why not spend ten more? Or, after three drinks in a fancy restaurant at twenty dollars each, a fourth drink does not seem like much. This is because people are generally unaware of how much they spend …show more content…
If they are hungry, they will go into the fridge and microwave the leftover macaroni and cheese instead of going out to buy new food. Right there, they will have saved about twenty dollars, and will have had the satisfaction of a tasty meal. This will cause them to appreciate what they have and be thankful for it, as opposed to being greedy and wanting more. Not only would this new appreciation help people save money, but it will also help them live healthier lives when it comes to eating choices. From that point forward, before spending money on take-out, they might dig through the fridge more often, and as a result eat less take-out and ultimately live healthier