Buyer Analysis Paper

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Buyer Analysis Paper
The product that we will provide assists older adults that suffer from physical decline in the home with standing and sitting with ease.
The customer segment that will be targeted by our product will be divided into two parts. First and most important for short term sales will be the 65 and older segment of the population with physical disabilities or declining physical ability. The company will start selling primarily in Kansas City, but with the ability to ship product nationwide. The reasoning for targeting this segment of the population is simple: we have the solution to their problems right now. The second segment of the population that we will be targeting is the 50-65 year old segment that haven’t begun to experience physical decline yet, but will. Our logic here is that the majority of this population segment will be relatively underexposed to the mobility assistance market and thus by beginning our marketing campaign with anticipation of their future needs we can position ourselves for future success. In terms of income range the earlier models will likely be tailored to a segment with more income due to the probable high cost of production. With time we plan to develop variable lines with economy, standard, and luxury features that vary in price to expand our potential customer base.
We plan to reach customers through a variety of means and channels. All team members will contact individuals that fit our customer segment to ask questions and develop a basis and working knowledge of how best to approach cold call interviews. This will allow all team members to better discuss the product with other potential customers at different times. We also intend to contact nursing homes and hospitals and request to meet with groups of older adults that suffer from physical decline and could be assisted by our product. Further, in contacting these same establishments we will also reach out to medical professionals and experienced staff to inquire about our product and analyze the market. Part of our sales plan is to attempt to penetrate the professional business market as well as the home. For every one home convinced may be one unit sold, but for every nursing home director that buys in may be hundreds of units sold. It is imperative to lock down families as well as professional networks.
When contacting potential customers we plan to be very deliberate in establishing trust and goodwill before asking any overbearing questions. We believe that outcomes would be less positive to simply launch into a laundry list of questions that they likely don’t care to have answered. Caring about our customers current situations is key to providing future solutions. Getting to know the individual first also allows us to ask tailored questions that may allow us to capitalize on future customization techniques and niche marketing strategies. After…