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Information technology (IT) has become a crucial and essential part of every corporate organization structure. IT plays a roll in all organizations from a small business with a single computer to a multi-national corporation who maintain mainframe systems and databases. IT ranges from telephones, facsimile, Internet and the vast array of private networks. Without IT a small business would have a very difficult time competing and surviving in the nation's information service-dependent economy. IT has to be one of the most important investments a company can make to enhance their business. Telecommunications technology has many roles, including transmitting information, improving efficiency and productivity and helping businesses expand.
Many companies use email as their principal means of communication between employees, customers, and vendors. This provides a simple and inexpensive means to communicate. Communication by email is faster and costs less than sending a paper letter in the mail. Meetings are now being held everywhere and anywhere through web cam, cutting major cost on travel. Transmitting data is perhaps the most important role of telecommunications. This technology includes video conferencing, broadcast and interactive television, instant messaging, email, a host of web and internet-based communication and data transmission. IT systems can give anyone in the company remote access to a company’s electronic network from their laptop or desktop, so that an employee can work from home or on the road. This accessibility allows the increase of productivity because work can be done in mostly anywhere because you don’t have to be physically in the office. This technology allows a business to gather, collect, analyze, and share information in a variety of ways that ultimately get the job done.
Communication files can also become closed files, placed in a flash drive or on a hard drive with a duplicate copy or backup automated by a program or service. Business use computers to store data everyday such as inventory, sales, payables and receivables that can be stored in different software such as Excel or Quick books, which keeps this information at your fingertips. Information technology allows you to organize your email in what ever form you like, creating folders for different data such as vendors, customers, or corporate information. Important data can be stored and later be searched and found instantly by a key word or numbers. IT can create electronic storage to protect a company’s valuable records, such as secrete recipes or new product innovations. Storage systems such as virtual vaults can be altered to allow only certain authorized users within the company to access, edit, or withdraw documents. IT security can also protect company’s electronic files from being hacked or wiped out if a technological disaster is to occur. Using this type of data storage can eliminate a lot of physical storage space in an office. You may need less square footage with information technology rather than keeping stacks of paper files in an office closet or valuable workspace and reducing rent cost by operating in a smaller facility.
There are several advantages of using technology such as efficiency, documentation, and the true cost of ownership. When compared with other means of slow communication such as mail delivery, the true cost of technology to communicate is relatively low. The cost of using technology for communications continues to decline as technology continues to be standardized and made more efficient. Traditional methods of communication such as mailing a letter can have harmful consequences to a smaller firm such as misplaced letters and the time it takes for the end recipient to receive the document these kinds of lost efficiency should be considered carefully. In business some things can wait and others simply cannot.
New products and services can be communicated