Buying Patterns and Behavior: Influencers Essay

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Activity 4.6 - Assignment: Module 4 Review
Part 1: Review Questions
What is an opinion leader? Discuss how marketers attempt to use opinion leaders to help sell their products? Provide examples?
Opinion leaders are individuals whose behavior and ideas are looked up to and are considered a model for others to base/reflect their own behavior and ideas or ideals and opinions on. These individuals have a way to influence others who follow them. Marketers attempt to use them to help sell their products for a particular target market most times because those within that target market can be more influenced if an opinion leader within their niche advertises a product. For example, Pink! ---the female singer who is known for her attitude of
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Gatekeepers control the information that flows. They are the messengers and security keepers of communication to those involved in the purchasing decisions.

In the airlines industry, air freight should provide important cash flow advantages. List and explain some of these advantages.
The benefits of using air freight include improving cash flow, consolidating shipments and getting product to market faster. The ever-changing electronics industry can typically sustain the cost of airfreight to meet consumer demand. It's more cost-effective for several businesses to use airfreight for smaller shipments to meet demand because it could eliminate the need for warehousing products in destination markets and cash flow is more critical.

Part 2: VALS Survey Questions:
In review of the VALS survey you participated in Activity 4.2
What are your two types? (primary and secondary)
My primary VALS type is the " Innovator," and my secondary type is the "Experiencer."
What is the complete definition of your primary and secondary types?
The primary VALS type represents my dominant approach to life. The secondary classification represents a particular emphasis I give to my dominant approach. Innovators are successful, sophisticated, take-charge people with high self-esteem. Because they have such abundant resources, they exhibit all three primary