Buz Week 2 Walmart Essay

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Think of a specific organization with which one of your group members is familiar and determine the main operating system, software applications used, and a one of a kind software application. Create a table like the example located on the student website for your specific organization.
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications Table Example
Write a paper of no more than 1,200 words explaining the operating system and software applications from this specific organization. Include the following:
Describe how the operating system and applications help the company reach their objectives.

Like all business, the main objective is to attain and maintain a competitive advantage. This is 2014, and the best way to stay ahead is with information technology. There are operating systems and software applications that can help a business reach their objectives, and Wal- Mart has found that theirs has kept them ahead for more than a fair amount of time, is a POS system. Point of sale systems is an essential for business to have, in order to not get beat out of the competition. When Wal-Mart gained their point of sale system, it gave them the opportunity to determine what items were selling, and which items were not selling, which saves on large amounts of over stock. A point of sale system identifies each item sold and finds its price in a computerized database. Then, it creates an accurate sales receipt for the customer who stores this item-by-item sales information for use in analyzing sales and reordering inventory. This alone is a feature that can not only ease stress from auditing, but it also handles information efficiently. Operating with a Point Of Sale system is effective for Wal-Mart, and avoids overstocking by learning what merchandise is selling slowly. Another use of technology that made Wal-Mart an outstanding company is their application of bar codes. This