Bvc Connectors At Hvac Box

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B4CC connectors at HVAC box
H is the old climate control head and P is the AC programmer connector (ex. 16H is pin 16 on the climate head connector )

T10e (Pink/Red connector on HVAC box, joined with T5o)
1 Gn/P - To Data Link Connector Leave disconnected
2 Bk/Y – To MFI ECU 23H
3 W/Gn – Dome Light temp sensor 18H
4 Bk/R – AC low Pressure switch AC Relay 2/3 (join w/ wire at old connector for HVAC)
5 Br – Dashboard temp sensor fan blower ground 7H
6 W/Bl – Temp Display (Speedo feed) 2H and temp display cnnctr
7 Br/Y – Bumper temp sensor 16H
8 Bl/Bk – Dash temp sensor 4H
9 Bl/W – Coolant temp sensor 20H
10 Br/Y – Temp Display (temp value) Splice w/ temp display cnnctr

T5o (Pink/Red connector on HVAC box, joined with T10e)
1 Bl/Br – Engine coolant temp (temp sensor in heater valve) 17H
2 Br/Bk – TCM (not used on manual cars) Leave disconnected
3 Br/Bl – AC High pressure cut out 5H
4 Gr/Gn – Compressor speed (ignored with reflash of control unit) Leave disconnected
5 Gn/Bl – RPM signal Tap from instrument cluster

T6q (Red connector on HVAC box)
1 Gr/Gn – lights? 13H
2 Bk/Gr – To MFI ECU 4/87a on AC relay (cut wire and join w/ wire no longer connected to relay)
3 Br/Bk – To low speed relay 3P
4 Br/W – Ground for sensor inputs 6H
5 R/Bl – To digital clock + 12H
6 Gn/Br – AC Relay control Join w/ AC relay 6/31 (cut 6/31 wire and join w/ end attached to relay still)

T3c (Brown connector on HVAC box)
Plug in to existing harness plug

T5l (Yellow connector for temp display, behind instrument cluster)
1 W/Bl – Speedo feed Join w/ T10e/6 and 2h
2 Br/Y – Temp value Join w/ T10e/10
3 Br - Ground Ground at ground post
4 Gr/Bl – Illumination Splice with wire on T3c
5 Bk/Bl - + Feed from + yellow block at relay panel

T2at (Black connector on HVAC box)
1 Bl/Y – Unknown? Dead ends in B4 diagrams

Join 4P to 5P
Add a pin on D7 on B4 climate connector to control heater valve 2-way vacuum solenoid. This wire should connect to ground pin of solenoid. Tap + wire from HVAC box harness
Tap illumination for temp display off 3 pin connector.
Take 4/87a wire off relay connector and connect to cut wire(Bk/Gr) that went to 5/T on the AC relay.

Color Key
Br - Brown
Bk - Black
Bl - Blue
W - White