Bomley Whole Food Fair Website Evaluation

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NAME: Katy Linke FORM: 8KF
NAME: Katy Linke FORM: 8KF
Year 8

Bromley Whole Food Fair Website Evaluation

Before you start your evaluation you may find it useful to get some feedback about your website from colleagues in your class. Ask them what they think about your website. For example: what are its good/bad points, how easy is it to navigate, can they read the content, are the images distorted, do the navigation buttons work?

Now write an evaluation of your website and remember to include as much detail as possible in your explanations.

1 | What software did you use to make your website? Remember you may have created graphics, movies etc. in addition to your actual web pages.In the making of my website I used many different software’s, such as: adobe Dreamweaver, to create the initial website; adobe fireworks, to make cartoons logos and other graphic effects; Microsoft word, to write my text for my work and for the planning; and | | | 2 | Briefly describe the colour scheme and font style that you have used in your website and explain why. How does it relate the BWFF theme? | | In my website I have used a pinky peach and a light green as my main colours in m y colour scheme as they represent colours of fruits and vegetables. These colours also complement each other very well but are not too overpowering and bright. It relates to the theme as green is a common colour between many vegetables and pink is a summery colour that can also be the same as some fruits which fit in with the website theme perfectly. | 3 | You created navigation buttons for your website. Please explain why you chose the images/shapes that you used. How do they relate to the BWFF theme? | | For my navigation buttons I chose a raspberry because it is an organic fruit that can be sold in my Bromley wholefood shop and also because the colours of the raspberry matched my colour scheme as it was pink and green. I made the raspberry button on fireworks from scratch and also added in a rollover effect changing the colour of the font on the button. | 4 | Which parts of your website are you most pleased with. Please explain why.
You should get some feedback from someone in your class before completing this section. (there is a box at the bottom of this sheet which they can complete)
You can use bullet points if you wish. | | I am most pleased with: * My navigation buttons as I made them from scratch on fireworks and I think they look very affective and fit in with my theme * | 5 | Which parts of your website are you not so happy with. Please explain why. | | Im not happy with: * My pictures, because I had missed a few lessons and that meant I was slightly behind and it meant that I had less time to edit them and make them my own, so they were very boring | 6 | What improvements would you make to your website? | | I would: * Edit my pictures to make them different and unique * Put more detail into my header as it is quite