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By 1980 relaxation on Taiwan governments, 1987 Nationals are allow to travel to China.
1992 to 1993 repaid grow 8m visites
National Unification Council: to see China unified as a democratic and and free countries, China have to see democratic and economic. (Official Document.)

They are private foundations. Though they are not across the Taiwan strait and have quazzy official talks and whether the terms. They negotiate
1992 Consensus. they agreed a broad one China Principle. PRC china refer to PRC and ROC official means ROC. The current MA calls to continues to the 92 Counsensus, there is some. They are very close to the official talks.

Most sign of pragmatic diplomacy. When the ROC is forced out of the United Nation. Very little international. Taiwan officials would thought things like. In 1994< Lee Teng-hui visits SouthEast asia, high profile leaders play golf with Lee Tenghui. Raise Taiwan’s international status, Raise Taiwan’s status. He is trying to create ideology creating two Chinas by trying to get the equal treatment from both counties.

After the crackdown in Jiang Zemin start power in 1989: “8 point plan”
1. As long as, Taiwan accept the concept that it belongs to the “one China Principle”
Lee’s didn’t agree. Counter
Precondition is before any, PRC has to renounce the military use in Taiwan.

What does “One China Principle” mean? Very vague. In contrast to west and east German. That would imply two chinas
In 1990 Lee more implies that two China.
1990 you have LeeTengHui that pushing toward a German type solutions.
Why? Taiwan want to reach for another resolution for the
1. New generations of Leaders. Lee is native taiwanese.
2. Over course of time, more advocate for ideas open the idea for even the separating. Less emphasis,

why China don’t renounce its political usage?
Principle reason: Its own right to announce power
Practical Reason: force threats on the Table to

In spring of 1995, he emphasis Taiwan’s achievements economically and polical and also its unfair treatment because of the diplomatic isolation. Empasising Taiwan’s views its iteration

After 2000,

2002 Hu JinTao, is quite “Carrot and stick approach”. Move toward independence. The stick side: anti cession Law 1995, PRC indicated to pay any price against Taiwan’s independence. Carrot side: The key is that Jiang Zhemin, he is able to make progress. Rather than a repeat a 2000 white paper. “One China two System is not” more people to people exchange. 2005 Lianzhan visited China. ~ an de-emphasis on “one china two system”

2008 Ma Ying-jeou ~ Key words: “3 no’s ”: No independence, no unification, no use of force. ~ Return to “92 consensus” : as a consensus that there is only one China, but two sides doesn’t . Kindda return to 1992, the rhetorically that call PRC as the Mainland. ~ “mutual non-denial” they are not going to respond 2010 Chiang Kai-shek is also some of the ~ Establishment of direct links. After 2008. You can trade directly across Taiwan Strait.

Economic agreements ECFA: reduce tariffs, set roadmap for further liberalization in cross-strait economic. Financial agreements, agrees to take up to a m. He is calling on diplomatic ally.

Taiwan Opens to PRC tourism.

Xi JinPing ~ A few statements Xi has made: Taiwan issue is not for future system. ~ He has a lot of other issues in China: Corruption campaigns.

The contentious politeics of Cross-Strait relations in Taiwan ~ Ma re-elected in 2012, but popularity drops ~ Students protest in legislation that.

Talk about what is the most important economic ties. Patience. Nationalism. Identity. Role of U.S. selling Taiwan. Election in