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Some stories aren’t solely made to pass our time, but to be a lasting guide of humanhood.
In R. K. Narayan’s short story, ‘An Astrologer’s Day’, the readers find themselves in a small Indian town with a con artist who left his village after stabbing a young. 'The Gold Cadillac’ stands the test of time since it is thought provoking; it mirrors our life while exploring issues of mankind’s trouble. Displaying a regret of one’s youth made from wrong assumption, the author remind us of our mistakes of our past and urge us to let go. Furthermore, the author advises us to pursuit solutions without anger as it only blinds our vision of truth
. Challenges were also made toward the superstition belief of astrologers while the astrologer in the text were labelled as a con artist. Thus, suggesting the reliability of divination.
Ideas about forgetting our past mistake are suggested through characterisation of the astrologer’s background and the technique of plot twist. Throughout the text, we understand the blood on his hand as the reason he fled. For years, he resented his act of killing a man; yet, in the resolution, we discover the man was still alive. The twist of was not only a great load off the astrologer’s chest, but also serve as a reminder for us to erase our troubling memories. Our past mistakes may not be as bad as what our mind recalls.
Taylor is excellent because of her ability to strike a balance between entertaining and challenging readers to reflect on ideas that have a universal appeal
3. Thesis Statement
'The Gold Cadillac’ stands the test of time because it is thought provoking; it touches us as it asserts that no one’s right to freedom, security and dignity should be taken away based on the colour of their skin

4. Key Points
This issue of racism has a domino effect. Set against a backdrop of one part of socio-historical America that upheld the Jim…