By Using Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) the Tobacco Industry Is Seeking to Change Their Unethical Public Image. Evaluate This Strategy Using Three Ethical Principles of the Global Business Standards Codex. Essay

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The tobacco industry’s use of corporate responsibility to change their unethical public image is ineffective and disingenuous, as they are simply using this strategy as a defence against public disparagement.

The farming and production of tobacco carries widespread environmental impacts which are damaging to the surrounding ecosystems and natural processes. British American Tobacco and Phillip Morris had established supply chains in the 1990s as a means of farming tobacco more efficiently aiming to maximise profits (Otanez & Glantz 2010). However these supply chains were damaging to the environment as well as local communities of developing countries as deforestation and the use of child labour on tobacco plantations became widespread throughout these supply chains. In the 2000s these companies addressed the environmental and labour concerns by redefining their tobacco farming procedures and implementing environmentally sustainable practices. Although it was revealed through the studies undertaken by Otanez & Glantz (2010) that the tobacco farming practices remained the same and this attempt to deceive the public was revealed to be a CSR exploit. The use of corporate social responsibility seeks to minimise risks and adverse effects maximising economic and social benefits establishing relationships based on trust to promote progress in accordance with