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Anonymous 6/14/14 Bring Your Own Device To School The "Bring your own device policy" can be improved by allowing students to "actually" use their devices in the class. The benefits of allowing students to use their devices include research, completion of assignments, and that it lowers school spending budget . They could successfully operate their devices by having access to the internet through Wi-Fi. However, they should only be allowed to use social media websites if it is pertaining to the task at hand. It is essential to have computer skills because the world and generation now is based primarily on technology. Many teachers automatically take away a student's device due to their off task behaviors. However, this may also be a misconception on the teacher's part. Many assignments actually require the support of outside knowledge. The purpose of learning something is to keep building on the subject. For example, a student might need the help of the internet to brainstorm some ideas for a project or an explanation for solving a math problem (Khan academy). Some students might not understand the teacher's lecture and can look up other explanations to follow up with the teacher's explanation. Another scenario could be that the student needs to research on a certain topic but cannot leave class to go to the library. The internet has infinite results for almost any topic and is very reliable. With students being allowed to use their devices in class they can get more work done instead of waiting to finish the work at home. They would not have to procrastinate on their work. They can also ask for help while doing the assignment in school and get help. Teachers could also make interactive activities with the use of the internet. For instance, he or she may use the smart board to ask questions and students can use their devices to respond. Since many teachers prefer essays typed and emailed, students could easily access their devices in school and send their work to the teachers. Students would not have to worry about losing their work if its saved on the device. They could simply make a separate section on the computer, smart phone, or tablet to save their work. Often times devices that are brought to school are slightly more advanced than the devices provided in schools. This can also help the school by not having to purchase so many computers which can heighten school spending. Teachers will get the benefit of assigning online digital homework instead of having to print so many copies of an