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1. I worked on the detroit series 60 engine
The sensors that are absolutely necessary for this engine to start and run at the timing reference sensor and synchronus reference sensor.
In order to get power to the ecm to extract information you would need to connect the ecm power harness to ecm and send battery voltage on wires 241 (pin c) and 240 (pin a) and grounds on wires 150(E,B,D)
2. CGI is a variation on ( EGR) used on Caterpillar’s post- 2007 ACERT family of engines. It differs from EGR in that it sources its exhaust gas downstream from the DPF. Cat refers to its CGI system as clean EGR
3. The VGT and EGR valve motor both operate on the same J1939 data link. For EGR to flow, a pressure difference is required across the intake and exhaust manifold and this is created by the VGT.
4. The system has 3 stages of derate: warning, derate and finally shut down. Some possible engine protection scenarios include: Low Engine coolant, Low engine oil pressure, high fuel temp, high intake manifold temperature, High EGR exhaust gas temp, high DPF filter restriction, and high engine coolant temperature.
8. Cat can-style tps -was a floor-mounted, variable capacitance device designed to out-put a constant frequency PWM signal it has 30 degrees of active travel with an additional 5 degrees of under travel and 10 degrees over travel for linkage tolerance. It is powered by 8v. I would turn my DVOM to hertz and observe the