Essay on Byzantine Empire and Old Metal Stylus

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In the Byzantine Empire, all is well. The people are living a peaceful life. The king and his family are happily ruling over the people. And, the very well-known, Leon is living the life. A very trusted friend of the king, a hero to the entire empire. Leon was the guy all the ladies drooled over and all the men rushed to address. But soon Leon and the princess were in for a surprise they’d never forget.
* * *
Justinian, is a turkish man who wants revenge for his ancestors’ land being stolen away. Years ago, the king had seen to that their land was taken to be used for his empire. Justinian’s family had planned and ventured but couldn’t succeed. For that, he planned to end the reign of the current leader of the byzantines. Not only that, but Justinian plans to end the lineage, by assassinating the King’s daughter, Valentina. Justinian is determined to do whatever it takes to succeed. He quickly finds a piece of paper and grabs a very old metal stylus. He takes a seat and begins writing a letter.
“Αγαπημένοι Αδελφός, θα εκδικηθεί για τον πατέρα μας. Σε λίγες μέρες, η γη μας,
“Dearest Brother, I shall avenge our father. In just a few days, our land shall rise from the ashes πρέπει να αυξηθεί από τις στάχτες και το αίμα. Έχω αγοράσει ένα στιλέτο αξίζει αυτό το έργο. and blood.I have purchased a sword worthy of this task. The royalty will meet their end and... “ καλάθι θα φτάσει στο τέλος τους…” In the middle of writing, he looks up towards the skies, “My dear