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MGMT 5083 Analysis and Design of Organization
Case Questions



1. To acquaint students with the case analysis method. 2. To observe structural and contextual variables in an organizational situation. 3. To redesign an ongoing organization. 4. To develop organizational structure for innovative employees.

Like the Xerox case which opens Chapter 1, this case can serve as a point of reflection throughout the semester. More advanced issues regarding organizational structure (chapter 3), change (chapter 11), and compensation as a reward system (chapters 12 and 13) can be developed later.


1. Analyze structural and contextual variables
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~ Rhodes Industries/

Do you agree with Javier that the worldwide product structure seems to make the most sense? If no, discuss why. If so, discuss how you came to this conclusion.

Next you will want to address the problems that Javier has raised at the end of the case. In this discussion give reasons for your answers. Do not just state that you think one position is better than another.

1. Would the subsidiaries still be competitive and adaptive in local markets if forced to coordinate with other subsidiaries around the world?

2. Would Business Managers be able to change the habits of subsidiary managers toward more global behaviors?

3. Would it be a better idea to appoint Product Director Coordinators as a first step, or jump to the Business Manager product structure right away?



The following discussion questions may be assigned along with the case:

1. Analyze the Acetate Department’s technology, before and after the change, by identifying its task variety and analyzability.
2. As the Acetate Department introduced more elements of advanced information technology, compare the management implications that were achieved to what they could have achieved, according to the textbook.
3. Imagine that the Acetate Department is a column in the previous Workbook exercise. Analyze goals, authority structure, type of