C200 Task 2 Essay

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Task 2: Self-Assessment of Leadership Practices
Seven Habits Profile & Findings After completing the seven habits profile, my lowest categories were emotional bank account, life balance, be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, seek first to understand, and sharpen the saw. Life balance was really no surprise to me. I often put my work life ahead of everything else. I strive to be the best that I can at work, and I am striving to better myself and achieve a management position. I feel that if I make sacrifices now, in the future I will have more time to devote to my family life. I am beginning to realize I am missing out on my children’s childhood and need to make an effort to be there more for my
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Another weakness I have is assuming my coworkers aren’t capable of assuming my duties in my absence which makes our organization weaker. I often don’t include coworkers in decision-making assuming they aren’t capable of making the best decisions which decreases morale and giving my coworkers less opportunity to be involved. The third weakness is focusing on the short-term. While I assume my coworkers can’t perform in my absence, I am robbing them of opportunity to better themselves. My coworkers aren’t getting the opportunity to be leaders with me always there making decisions. I would say I am preoccupied with the power of decision making and unable to share some of the decision making with my coworkers. Without getting my coworkers opinions with decision making I am not being open to other creative solutions.

Recommendations for Leadership Development After describing my personal leadership weaknesses I have proposed some recommendations to maximize my leadership success. I will begin praising my coworkers more frequently for working hard, not just exemplary work. My coworkers deserve to be praised for hard work and busy days. They should be praised when they receive compliments. I’ve always assumed my coworkers knew they were appreciated, I now realize they need to be told frequently to keep the morale high. I should start involving my coworkers in