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With CAT 2012 kicking off on the 11th of October, you have approximately 8 weeks left to complete your preparation, iron out all the deficiencies and be all set for CAT!
However, even if you have just started or are not sure where you stand, all is not lost yet! You just need to ensure that from now on, you prepare for CAT in a systematic manner allocating sufficient time for theory revision, simulated testing, detailed analysis followed by planning and further revision.
Based on these principles, we have created a study plan that can help you manage your CAT preparation for the next 8 weeks (i.e. till 11th October). Of course, if your CAT testing date is in the first week of
November, you will get that extra time, which you will need to allocate proportionately to the various aspects of CAT preparation.
However, please keep in mind that a plan like this cannot be directly applied by each student without the student taking into account his/her strengths and weaknesses and the stage at which his preparation has reached.

8 Week Study Plan for CAT


Start Date

End Date


Strengthen the Core

2 weeks



Identify the most important chapters from the 3 key areas –
QA, VA and DILR in the Skill Builder.
(In the crash course, you get this information directly).
For these chapters, revise the concepts thoroughly to have a strong base on the areas critical to doing well as CAT. Solve each solved example independently and then compare your answer and solution with the one given.
Identify the way of solving that suits you the best.
Gauge your understanding of the concepts by solving the questions in the Concept Practice and then move to CAT style questions by solving the questions in the
Concept Test.
Move on to further practice by attempting the extra practice tests from the Rank Booster (if possible).
Finally, move on to actual past CAT questions from each chapter to check whether your understanding


Crash Course +
Rank Booster
Skill Builder +
Rank Booster

Identify where you stand Go from
Good to

3-4 days

1.5 weeks





of the concepts in each chapter is in line with the level required for
CAT questions.
 Attempt 3 mock tests in 3 days to get a feel of the attempt level, accuracy level and scores that you get. Then, analyse the tests together to get a feel of where you stand.  Analyse the tests in detail to check:
A) Where have you gone wrong?
B) Why have you gone wrong?
C) Solutions to questions that you did not attempt to identify the ones that you could have attempted.  Now, based on your analysis of these 3 tests together, classify each chapter using a 2-2 Matrix explained below:
a) High Speed High Accuracy – Q4
b) Low Speed High Accuracy – Q3
c) High Speed Low Accuracy – Q2
d) Low Speed Low Accuracy – Q1
Create such a matrix after each test. A sample matrix is shown after the table.
 Now you can begin using the analysis done till date:
 Q2: Study the Concept Builder and
CP/CT of the important chapters thoroughly to ensure that you have a firm grasp of the concepts (as these are areas where you either have a partial understanding of the concepts or question types).
 Q3: Brush up the concepts of these chapters and identify time saving tips using the Concept Builder (as these may be chapters where you are conceptually strong but take time to solve questions). Apply these strategies on the CP/CT and then re-evaluate.
 Attempt 2 iCATs
 Analyse these tests in detail and recreate the matrix. Observe the

Test Centre +
Rank Booster
Crash Course +
Rank Booster

Skill Builder +
Rank Booster +
Test Centre
Crash Course +
Rank Booster +
Test Centre

Cover your flanks well

1.5 weeks