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Change Management Theory: GlobalTech
GlobalTech is a change management theory based case study in the simulation format provided by Experience Point. GlobalTech, founded by Maurice Gagnon in 1975, was started in response to the growing demand in the high-tech electronic industry. Its quality-oriented specialization in manufacturing military components had been highly recognized and supported by the steady growth of human resources and a significant pool of expertise such as R&D department. The development of the GPS technology during 1980s, thus, had created valuable opportunities that secured key revenues and a lead positioning in the military field. However, the “New World Order” has gradually shifted the technology demand
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There are several factors that should be aware when appointing a good core change team members. These members should have proper mix of position power, expertise, credibility, leadership skill and management skill.
Develop Vision and Strategy
A vision is the foundation for new strategies and initiatives. A good vision can support the change initiative and help individuals to defend new strategies and tactics. To develop a good new vision, it should have these traits: a clear picture of the future state; the benefit to its employees; the vision should be attainable while addressing the fundamental challenges and it should be simple enough to explain to others. After developing a good vision, a planned strategy should then follow. Strategies provide a detailed framework to guide day-today operational decision. It should include multiple, comprehensive options and open dialogue so members in the core change team can discuss in order to get the best strategy to the company. It is also important to have right size of the core change team; otherwise, it may need to fail to develop vision and strategy if the size is too big or too small.

Plan Reflection and Areas of Improvement
In overall experience, the key to success in implementing a change plan in the company is timing – do the right thing at the right time. For example, the ‘Set New Commercial Targets’ in step 6 is supposed to be a highly effective tactic. However, it was executed too soon that it