CIPD Human Resources Profession Map Analysis

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The profession map is an assessment tool that helps HR people understand the business and be valuable to the organization. The map is designed in way that will provide HR professionals with an appropriate guidance that are relevant to their areas. The HRPM emphasizes eight professional areas with the center of the map spotlighting on the two core areas which is vital for the HR function and can be applied to all HR professionals despite of responsibility, location or phase of career (CIPD, 2015).The core areas are:

1.1. Insights, Solutions and Strategy
It highlights the path of the profession as a functional business discipline through a profounder understanding of the business framework and organizational
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The Profession Map
The map consists of 2 core areas surrounded by eight professional areas, which includes Learning and Talent Development (CIPD, 2015).The professional areas are divided into 4 bands of professional competence which characterize the diverse levels of work activities and responsibilities for each area. The bands include, Band 1 – Support Band 2 – Advisory/Manager Band 3 – Consultant/Partner Band 4 – Manager/responsible for delivering an organization’s HR Strategy.
The edge of the map highlights 8 key behaviors which helps HR professional to succeed in their career such as decisive thinker, skilled influencer, collaborative, role model courage and the three essential behaviors in band2 are curious, driven to deliver and personally credible for Learning and Talent Development professionals, working within Band 2.

2. Activities and Knowledge
2.1 Part of my role as a Succession Planning analyst is to provide a development plan for talented employees and make sure they receive the right program at the right time. Employees are nominated by their line managers to undergo a certain leadership program in order to enhance their leadership skills and think strategically. Furthermore, I take the responsibility to send program invitations for the candidates, receive confirmations and finally enroll them. Once training has been completed, I analyze the evaluation data to ascertain how delegates rated the training and what might be changed or improved upon for future training and communicating my findings to the