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Technological Innovation

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Manpreet Kaur
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April 23, 2014

Automated Clocking Of Employee Attendance

Every organisation has a need to reliably track attendance to ensure orderliness and control.
Having accurate and easy to access attendance data provides greater insight into employee productivity and reduces the time involved in payroll processing and crediting. Automating the tracking process keeps the employees responsible for their own performance, eliminates estimation of times and errors and assures that everyone is compensated as accurately as possible. This report is a compilation for the organisation that
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Accurately collect and pay employees using automated timesheet system, and eliminate much of the administrative work
Accessibility - using the online timesheets accessed through the browser interface allows you to see the company’s timesheet info from any your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or wireless device.

April 23, 2014

Few RFID security risks have been identified.

Physical manipulation: A tag could be removed from one item and attached to another. For example, RFID tags are embedded in employee name tags, persons other than the employee may use the tag, leaving a false record of the movements or activities of the employee.

User acceptance: Successful implementation of other identification technologies may serve as one of the main obstacles to RFID usage. Unless the management is convinced with the benefits (tangible and intangible) that RFID offered, the adoption of RFID systems may not materialize smoothly.

RFID security issues may be addressed through a variety of means including policy, process and technology. There are clear advantages to addressing security and privacy issues prior to the adoption and deployment of this technology, whether it be through policy, process or technology design.

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