CJ 227 Mr Crook Legal Defense Unit 8 Essay

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CJ 227 Criminal Procedure
Unit 8
Explaining Legal Procedure and Defense

• Mr. Crook, the following information is provided to you to assist you through your legal process since you have been identified as a suspect to a robbery.
• Any information you tell me is confidential by attorney-client privilege.
• I will make arrangements for you to turn yourself into local authorities.
• Once you have surrendered yourself you will be searched and booked.
• During the booking procedures you will be photographed, fingerprinted, and provided a jail uniform. Roberson, C., Wallace, H., & Stuckey, G. B. (2013)
• After all procedural steps are complete you will be put into a holding cell, do not speak to
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The jury will turn to deliberation to review the trial and discuss the evidence they have seen and review the evidence available and see if the charges the prosecution has brought coincide with the facts they have been presented.

When all jurors have come to their verdict they will be submitted to the jury foreman who will count the votes, if any or all jurors find you not guilty of the charges levied upon you, you will be a free man, if all the jurors find you guilty we will move on to the sentencing phase.


If the jury finds you guilty of robbery, by being able to prove the BB gun was in fact not a real firearm there is no enhancement penalty.

The judge will consider the the case as a whole as well as any prior convictions when determining a sentence. Given the nature of the crime and your lack of a criminal history the judge will likely follow the state’s minimum sentencing guidelines for robbery with 5 years imprisonment.


Roberson, C., Wallace, H., & Stuckey, G. B. (2013). Procedures in the