COPD Case Study Answers

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1.) Since COPD is a disease that makes it hard to breath, you would expect clinical findings to include shortness of breath, cough and some wheezing, depending on the level his COPD is at. This shortness of breath will make it difficult for him to complete what he is trying to say to you. In bronchitic COPD there is a more prominent wheeze and a crackle in ones voice, whereas in emphysematous COPD, you would be more likely to hear an “out of breath” tone of voice.

2.) With his levels of pH is 7.32, he has an acidic lean. The PaCO at 60 mmHg means that it is a respiratory problem and not metabolic. With his H3O at 30mEq/L, this classifies R.S. as respiratory acidosis, also, with hypoxemia and mild polycythemia. With the bicarbonate levels