COPD Nursing Case Study

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COPD and the Effects of Nursing Case Management
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is being seen more frequently than ever before, placing a burden upon healthcare services. Nursing case management including education in self-care is necessary for patients with this chronic illness. The management of COPD is a critical leading role that the nurse is able to assume throughout the course of care (Fletcher & Dahl, 2013). As nurses follow patients throughout their course of care, they are in an appropriate position to provide emotional support, as well as early patient education.

Project Purpose
As the basis of our PICOT question, would the implementation of a disease management program for patients with COPD reduce the amount of hospital
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The authors of this article discuss the barriers in which nurses are facing that prevent them in expanding their role as educators in the management of COPD. The purpose of this study was to expand the role of nurses as educators in the management of COPD. Through the review of thirty-two literature resources this editorial provides insight on the idea of nurse-led consultations and interventions. As nurses follow patients throughout the entire disease process they establish a relationship conductive of healing while delivering care and …show more content…
Limitations to this study included a scarce amount of resources as stated within the text, as well as a small population. The purpose of this study was to confirm the crucial need to integrate palliative care components and rehabilitation. The sampling consists of three case studies. A 69 year old female, a 82 year old female, and a 60 year old male all diagnosed with COPD. It was concluded that substantial benefits are resulted through geriatric rehabilitation. The integration of palliative care and rehab target all aspects of the client’s